The effect of sunshine…

Lavery_On_the_beachYou may have heard about a new study which has been reported as suggesting that sunshine can have a positive impact on your fertility. In fact, the study carried out by researchers at Edinburgh University, investigated the fertility of sheep on a remote Scottish island and found that the sheep with higher levels of vitamin D in their blood at the end of the summer had more lambs the following spring. Vitamin D is found in some foods, but is also produced in the skin after exposure to sunlight.

This isn’t the first study to link vitamin D and fertility,  but many of the studies have looked at animals. Although more research is clearly needed, it does seem that vitamin D may have a positive effect on fertility. You can read more about the new research from Edinburgh University here

Summer – the best time for IVF?

120px-Sun_rays_MiroIf you’re starting a cycle of fertility treatment in the next few months, you may be pleased to know that according to Belgian researchers it’s the best time of the year for IVF.

A team from University Hospital Ghent’s Centre for Reproductive Medicine found that during the least sunny times of year birth rates per treatment were around 14 percent, but this went up to around 19 percent during the sunniest months.  They looked at cycles over a six year period and have concluded that the key time is to have sunshine during the month before the treatment starts.

You can find out more here