Let’s talk about men

There have been a number of reports in the media recently about a decline in male fertility so alarming that it “could make humans extinct”   after a study suggested that sperm counts seemed to have halved in the last forty years. The study found a decline in men in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, but it isn’t clear why this might be happening.

Other experts have suggested that there may be room for some scepticism about the findings from the research team led by Dr Hagai Levine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Although the research is said to be of high quality, some are concerned that it may be too early to be quite so pessimistic about the future, but it is clear that this is an issue which we should be concerned about and looking into more closely.

What often gets forgotten in the discussion about male fertility and sperm counts is the emotional impact for men of dealing with this – and you may be interested in this article with interviews from a number of men about how their experiences of infertility.

Sperm counts

It has been the subject of much discussion for years, but now there is confirmation that male sperm counts are declining sharply.  In one of the largest studies conducted, a French team analysed the sperm of more than 25,000 men and found that sperm counts went down by a third between 1989 and 2005.

It may be clear that male fertility is declining, but the researchers don’t know is why this is happening.  Various theories have been mooted from wearing tight underwear to environmental factors and high-fat diets, but scientists believe it is imperative to establish what lies at the root of the problem in order to prevent a future fertility crisis. .