Free – Complete Guide to IVF

9780749952495-1We have a FREE copy of The Complete Guide to IVF to give away – get in touch through the contact page if you’d like to be included in the draw which will take place at the end of the month.

The book gives a “behind the scenes” view of what is involved in assisted conception, and includes expert views and first-hand accounts from patients as well as Kate’s personal experiences.  Essential reading for everyone considering assisted conception.


What other people say:

“Every part of the process, both scientific and emotional, is covered succinctly by Kate, who has been through it all herself” (Irish Tatler)

“…if all our patients had read this book, a lot of their anxieties and uncertainties would have gone away” (Dr Stephen Troup)

“An authoritative book which combines factual accuracy with intuitive understanding of how couples deal with the complexities of IVF treatment” (Professor Siladitya Bhattacharya, Professor of Reproductive Medicine, University of Aberdeen)


Age and IVF success

images-5There has been a lot of discussion recently about age and infertility, with some claims that it’s not as relevant as we’ve been led to believe.  I was interested to see some new research from the University of Aberdeen which makes it very clear just how closely IVF success is linked to age.  Interestingly, the research found that although the amount of time that a couple had been trying to get pregnant before treatment is relevant to the outcome, it doesn’t have nearly as much impact as age.

The researchers looked at data for more than 120,000 women, and found that women’s chances of success with IVF start to decline once they reach their mid 30s, but are then sharply reduced from the age of 37.  For those who did get pregnant, the changes of having a miscarriage were also considerably higher in women of 38 and above.

You can read more about the research from the team headed by Professor Siladitya Bhattacharya here at