Soy and your fertility

Oodeppo_soy_beanSo, new research tells us that eating more soy-based products can apparently boost the chances of having successful fertility treatment – the research, published in the Journal Fertility and Sterility, concludes that “dietary soy intake was positively related to the probability of having a live birth” during IVF.

Strangely, back in 2005, researchers came to a very different conclusion about the effects of soy on women’s fertility – suggesting that they should avoid it altogether if they were trying to conceive, although yet another study found that it was unlikely to have an impact on fertility!

Perhaps the best thing is to stick to a healthy diet, and ask your consultant’s view on any new research when it comes to fertility dietary advice…

Fertility information day in Scotland

If you live anywhere near Edinburgh, Infertility Network Scotland are organising a fantastic fertility information day on April 5.  There are speakers on a wide range of topics including

  • Current Criteria for NHS Treatment
  • Going to the Clinic what happens next
  • What are my treatment options EEVA – the selfie that can help me get pregnant
  • Male Factors – Diagnosis and treatment
  • Stress and its impact on infertility
  • Nutrition – Boost Fertility and Prevent Miscarriage
  • The fertility rollercoaster

The day begins at 9.30 and ends at 4.30.  Tickets are priced at just £5 and include tea and coffee and a buffet lunch.  Do go along if you can get there – it promises to be a really interesting day – more details here