Lessons from a neonatal intensive care unit

images-21When I talk about choosing a fertility clinic, which I have done each year at the Fertility Show, I can always see some people switching off when I come on to the risks of multiple births and why it is so important to check that a clinic doesn’t have a high multiple birth rate. After all, most of us know twins who are perfectly happy and healthy and wouldn’t it be great to get two children from one treatment cycle? The reality – as this article from Psychology Today (titled The Dark Side of Fertility Treatments: Lessons from a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) explains- is often very different.

I have seen at first hand some of the tragic endings from what has felt like a joyful story of successful IVF with a multiple pregnancy, and they are heart-breaking. IVF is a wonderful thing, but people who need fertility treatment should not be put at risk of more devastating upset by clinics putting back more embryos than clinically advisable. Responsible clinics have good success rates and low multiple pregnancy rates, and this is something worth remembering if you are choosing where to have your fertility treatment.