Secondary infertility support

When you’ve already got a child – or more than one child – and are trying unsuccessfully to have another, you may feel that you don’t really have a right to find it tough when you know that so many people would long for what you have.  Secondary infertility – that’s infertility for anyone who has been pregnant before – is not always understood, and people can find it hard to get support when they are trying to have another child as going along to a fertility support group may not feel appropriate.

I think there are some aspects of secondary infertility that can make it particularly difficult to cope with.  First, you know exactly what you are missing out on by not being able to have another child.  Also, as a parent it is impossible to avoid spending time with other parents and their children, and babies and pregnant women go with the territory which can also make it very tough.

There’s much to be gained from getting together with others who are going through similar experiences, so I’m setting up an Infertility Network UK support group in London for those with secondary infertility – do get in touch through my contact page if you’d like to know more or might want to come along.

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