Shopping around for IVF drugs

images-2I’ve spoken to a few patients recently who say they’ve saved a lot of money by spending some time checking out the different options when it comes to buying the drugs for their IVF cycles. One of the things people don’t always realise in advance is quite how much money fertility drugs can cost, and how much this can add to the price of a cycle.

ASDA got a lot of publicity when they announced that they were offering low priced IVF medication, and many people have used them successfully – but they aren’t the only place to try. And hospital pharmacies are not necessarily the most expensive place either – if your clinic is buying in bulk, this can reduce the cost of drugs so it is worth checking before dismissing this as an option. Some pharmacies sell online which may be cheaper, but don’t forget that you may need to add delivery costs to the total. and check how quickly they can deliver to you. You do also need to factor in the other things that clinics will usually give you along with your drugs like a sharps bin, any syringes and so on – ask if your clinic will provide these anyway.

It’s always worth talking to other patients about this too – either at your support group or online – as they may have useful advice about what they’ve done. Finally, if the clinic you are attending insists that you buy the drugs from them and you know that this is not the cheapest option, do talk to them about it and ask why.


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