After embryo transfer…

One of the most alarming moments in an IVF cycle – for me at least – was standing up for the first time after embryo transfer.  I could never quite get over the idea that an embryo could just fall straight out when you get up after the transfer. Speaking to other people since, I’ve learnt that I’m not the only one to feel that way. It’s quite common to worry that you might somehow jeopardise your chances of success if you stand up too quickly – or if you do too much in the days after embryo transfer.

Some complementary therapists advise a couple of days bed rest after embryo transfer, but research shows that this makes absolutely no difference to outcomes at all – and you can bet your bottom dollar that fertility specialists would all be encouraging their patients to stay in bed if there was any chance that this could possibly increase success rates.

When fertility treatment doesn’t work, we want to know why and start looking for reasons.  Most often, there is no clear reason but you can rest assured that the one thing that really won’t make a difference is how long you spend lying down in the first couple of days after embryo transfer.

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