Reclaiming Sunday

I wasn’t going to write anything about Mother’s Day – it’s one of those days that you’d rather not know about/think about/read about/talk about when you’re trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant – but then I thought about it some more and decided it wasn’t right for anyone to feel upset about something that was largely a construct of the gift and card industry nowadays…

I wrote an article about Mothering Sunday for a website a few years ago and hadn’t appreciated until then that in the UK the day originated as a time for people to return home to their Mother Church (that’s their own main local church). Domestic servants would go back to their home church and would visit their families for the day. It was originally a Christian holiday rather than the commercial event it has become.

I think it’s time that women without children made the day their own – you don’t have to go traipsing off in search of your Mother Church, but I think you should devote the day to doing nice things for yourself – maybe with your own mum. You may want to avoid restaurants full of families – but why not go and see that exhibition you’ve been meaning to catch before it closes, or buy yourself that dress you’ve been admiring? What makes everyone happy is different – but whether it’s having a manicure or going for a long walk, make some time on Sunday to do the things you want to do.

Not being a parent doesn’t make you any less special, or any less valid or any less deserving – have a happy weekend x

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