NHS funding for fertility

It is good news that NICE is working to reinforce last year’s fertility guideline, and is pushing to end the postcode lottery which has blighted so many people’s access to fertility treatment. NICE released draft standards today about this – a finalised version will be published after consultation in October. You can see the press release from NICE here.

For too long, fertility treatment has been seen as some kind of optional extra by some commissioners, despite very clear guidance from NICE on what they should be offering. The NICE guidelines are based on what is both clinically and cost effective, and are all about ensuring best practice. Despite this, many commissioners have set their own rules on how many cycles to offer, and have invented criteria to limit access to treatment. I was shocked when I was in touch with one clinical commissioning group recently to discover that their justification for denying treatment to a woman whose partner had a grown up child from a previous relationship appeared to be based on the fact that this was mentioned as a reason for rationing treatment on the NHS Choices website.

The release of the draft standards follows a court ruling that Clinical Commissioning Groups cannot just decide not to follow NICE guidance without good reason after a woman who was due to have chemotherapy was denied NHS funding for egg freezing.

For too long our national health service has been far from national when it comes to funding for fertility – let’s hope it’s finally time for a change.

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