Last chance to have your say about work and fertility treatment – men too!

I’ve been tweeting about this quite a bit recently, and I have posted here about it before too – but I think dealing with work during fertility treatment is often a very tricky issue and one that is often overlooked.  I was delighted to discover that a team of researchers from Middlesex University were looking into the subject as this kind of research study can really help to improve things in the future.

There is still time to get in touch – they need some more women participants, but also they would be very keen to speak to men as fewer men have volunteered so far. You will need to be using assisted conception services, or to have used them in the last 5 years, and you should have been in full-time employment when you started treatment.  They are hoping to explore how people combine work and fertility treatment, and are considering what might make things easier.

Participating in the research will involve an interview of about an hour, which can be done at your home, at Middlesex University in London or by telephone. The interviews are anonymous and totally confidential. If you think you might be interested and would like to know more, you can contact the research team by emailing Dr Nicola Payne –


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