Could you your views help other patients?

If you’ve had, or are having, fertility treatment, would you be willing to help the HFEA to find out more about patient experiences of assisted reproduction?  The HFEA  has decided to make it a priority to put patients at the heart of what it does, and is carrying out a review carried out by Opinion Leader getting views from former and current patients.

There will be focus group discussions with patients in London and Manchester, and they are hoping to recruit a mix of single people, heterosexual and same sex couples, from the NHS and private section.  The groups will be held on

27th March (Live birth group, London 6.30pm)

1st April (unsuccessful as yet, London 6.30pm)

31st March (live birth group, Manchester 6.30pm)

1st April (unsuccessful as yet, Manchester 6pm)

There will also be in-depth face-to-face interviews with donors, donor-conceived people and those seeking fertility treatment in London, and an online patient survey which will be available soon.

There will be a small payment available to those who take part (£60 for those taking part in group discussions and £45 for the face to face interviews which will be held in your own home)

If you would like more information please contact Rebecca Paton – or on 07831 702 513

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