What Fertility Network UK is all about…

I’ve just been reading a few comments about Infertility Network UK’s new brand and logo, and it seems that some people have misunderstood what the new brand is about. Fertility Network isn’t going to be focusing on people who are pregnant or who are having babies – it’s still a charity for those who are having difficulty conceiving.

The word “infertility” is a negative one – and you may have noticed that it is very rarely used in fertility clinics any more. Most people who visit clinics aren’t technically “infertile” anyway but are experiencing fertility problems. Changing the name of the charity isn’t about forgetting people who are having trouble conceiving or about offering support instead to people who can conceive easily, it’s about being more positive and upbeat in the way the issue is dealt with.

It’s always difficult when things change – but I really think this is a positive step forward. I remember reading articles in the past which talked about people with fertility problems as “infertiles” or “barren”. Personally, I welcome the fact that Fertility Network UK is moving away from negative labelling, although it is a great shame if some people haven’t appreciated what the rebrand is about and feel that they are being excluded in some way – it’s really not the case at all.

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