Your help needed to stop fertility funding cuts

Please respond to this consultation to stop a reduction in fertility services. Mid Essex CCG has just released a consultation for a reduction in funding from three to one cycle, with a further option to restrict funding only to a very limited number of patients.

The option that they say they “prefer” would be to restrict “fertility” services to offering fertility preservation to people who have cancer and to offering funding where an HIV positive man has a high risk of viral transmission to his female partner. This is not “fertility” treatment – it’s cancer and HIV treatment – but this is where they would “prefer” to spend their entire budget for fertility treatment.

The NICE fertility guidelines suggest that in most cases where men are HIV positive and take their medication, the risk of viral transmission is low and they would not actually need fertility treatment – so this would probably equate to no more than a handful of patients a year. What’s quite interesting is that they seem to estimate that this is already taking up £200,000 of the £750,000 they say they are currently budgeting for fertility – so more than a quarter of their “fertility” spending is already not spent on fertility patients at all.

Please let Mid Essex know how wrong this would be by responding to their consultation. The survey is here and details of the consultation are here

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