Raising awareness

Well done to ITV’s This Morning for running a Fertility Week and for helping to raise awareness of fertility issues.  However, it was only thanks to those who were willing to have their stories and situations told on national television that this was possible – and it’s not an easy thing to go public about an issue which can be so painful.

I started watching one section of the programme as I saw it featured Dr Geetha Venkat who I knew from working with her to set up an Asian fertility support group when I worked for Infertility Network UK. I was amazed to see her preparing to carry out a vaginal ultrasound scan live on TV and kept expecting the cameras to pan away.  In fact, thanks to one very brave woman we saw the whole thing – and I am sure this helped to dispel many other women’s fears about what scans like this involve. I wasn’t entirely sure about the idea of giving people their test results live on TV – but again, the couples concerned have to be applauded for their bravery.

People do talk about infertility more now – and are open to admitting that they have fertility problems or are going through treatment – but it’s hardly surprising that for some it is just too painful, difficult or embarrassing to talk about. Thanks from us all to these three couples who have agreed to have their stories featured on TV – which I’m sure will offer hope and inspiration to many others..


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