Is an egg-freezing party really the best place to inform yourself?

120px-2_eggsApparently it’s the latest thing in the States and is set to arrive on our shores soon – the egg-freezing party hosted by a doctor who calls herself the “egg whisperer” who will tell you all you need to know about freezing – and offer you discounts on her freezing service if you go along to a party, or host one yourself.

I’m all in favour of people knowing more about the realities of egg freezing, but I’m not entirely convinced that a party organised by someone who is trying to sell her egg freezing service is the best way to do that.  What women really need is impartial advice about this, a real assessment of their chances of producing viable eggs and honesty about the age-related decline in egg quality as well as quantity. The truth is that egg freezing is not likely to be able to offer a successful “extension” to your fertility if you are already in your forties, and yet many of the women who look into this as an option are older – apart from anything else they are more likely to be able to afford to pay for it as egg freezing is a costly business.

There’s a growing debate about companies providing egg freezing for employees after a couple of US companies offered this to staff – but what hasn’t been so widely reported is that this move was an extension of existing fertility packages which also offered funding for IVF. Perhaps that might be a more welcome move…

If you’re interested, you can read more about egg freezing parties in this article from the Evening Standard

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