GPs report more aftercare requests from patients who’ve been treated overseas

A report in the doctors’ magazine Pulse says that GPs are seeing an increase in the number of aftercare requests they get from people who’ve been overseas for medical treatment.  The report specifically mentions people who are going abroad for IVF because it can be cheaper who are asking for prescriptions for medication or other requests.

Apparently, your family doctor should be treating any request from a doctor abroad in just the same way that they would a request from a specialist in Britain – but that they need to be sure that they feel confident that the medication is appropriate and necessary.

People going overseas for IVF do sometimes find it difficult getting the back up they need from clinicians in the UK – and it may be a matter of paying privately for scans or other monitoring such as blood tests.  If you are planning going abroad for treatment, it is important to sort out where you will have any monitoring carried out – and to make sure that you will be able to get any drugs that you will need.

When problems do occur with GPs, it is sometimes because patients haven’t kept them informed about treatment but then suddenly expect them to issue a prescription or to help with after-care.  This is why it is important to keep your family doctor informed.

You can read the Pulse report here 



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