What do you think about egg freezing?

White_chicken_egg_squareEgg freezing has been in the news once again this week with a story about a pop-up shop, Timeless, which will set up in London at the end of the month aiming to educate people about what is really involved in freezing eggs. It will contain products which are made to look like items you may find on Beauty shelves, such as the Eau de Pressure perfume range and the 3 simple steps to freeze your fertility, reminiscent of Clinique’s 3 step system. There will also be some debates.

There was a lengthy article by Eva Wiseman in The Observer on the subject, followed by an interesting opinion piece from Viv Groskop. You can also visit the Timeless website for more information.  What do you think? Is it a good idea to provide more information in this kind of way? Does it end up just being another marketing tool for egg-freezing by giving a platform or is this really going to make people stop and think? De let me know your opinions on the subject…

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