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DownloadedFile-17If you’ve ever thought about using an online sperm donor, this article may put you off…  It’s about a sperm donor called Simon Watson who advertises his services on Facebook and claims to have “about 800” genetic children, and says he wants to reach 1,000.

In the UK, donors who donate officially through clinics are limited to 10 families. Donors go through a fairly lengthy process which often involves counselling as well as screening for genetic diseases and sexually-transmitted infections. Their sperm is frozen for six months and the donor is re-tested before it is used to ensure that it is clear from potential infection. Any children conceived will be able to trace their donor once they reach the age of 18.

Of course, using an online donor like Simon Watson is cheaper but that’s hardly surprising as you aren’t getting the careful screening and checking process that happens in a licensed clinic. He apparently charges £50 for samples after meeting his customers at motorway service stations.

If you’re only thinking of using an unlicensed online donor because a clinic is expensive, I’d think again and perhaps try to cut back elsewhere. Is the choice of genetic parent of your future child really a place you want to be taking risks by saving money?

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  1. If sperm banks get their donors tested every six months I get mine tested usually every 3 months or so!
    All my previous test results are posted on my Facebook page so you can see I am always clean and you can check results years and years past!!

    If a person has HIV and takes the new drugs that actually shrink the virus to undetectable levels they can actually appear disease free. I have always been completely disease free.

    A clinic donor is tested at the beginning and end of a six month donation course and receives half the payment at the end I believe. What happens if he was to catch inbetween testing all the curable nasties like Clamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphillis, then just before his 6 month test gets cured, then goes for his 6 month test at the clinic? He then gets paid and good luck to the lucky ladies who paid an arm and a leg to do it properly!!

    I am fully open about what service I provide and don’t put myself at risk!
    So hopefully in my case Cheap isn’t Dear !!

    • I think I’d rather take a medical professional’s view of what was safe when it came to such an important issue, rather than the lay view of someone I’d met at a motorway service station. They are the experts in this field.

  2. Well said Kate. People thinking about using an on-line sperm donor also need to think of the story they will tell their child about their beginnings. They need to be able to take pride in their choice and I don’t see much to be proud about in sperm being handed over at a motorway service station.

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