First ever national sperm bank for the UK

images-2Fabulous news from the National Gamete Donation Trust (NGDT) that they have been awarded funding from the Department of Health to set up the UK’s first ever National Sperm Bank in partnership with Birmingham Women’s Hospital.

The National Sperm Bank, to be based at Birmingham Women’s Hospital, with spokes across England, will be offering an NHS based service. There is currently a national shortage of sperm donors in the UK, especially in NHS clinics. Patient numbers continue to rise and treating those who need donor sperm is a major problem. At present, some patients needing donor sperm are faced with few options and find themselves on waiting lists, having to use unregulated providers or having to stop treatment altogether.

It is hoped that the introduction of the National Sperm Bank will provide safe, equitable and increased access for all. It is also anticipated that it will reduce the number of patients putting themselves at risk by using unregulated sperm donation services. Additionally, it is hoped that for the first time, those from ethnic minority backgrounds will be able to choose from a range of donors. The National Sperm Bank will launch in October 2014.


2 thoughts on “First ever national sperm bank for the UK

  1. With the utmost respect: All what is “regulated” by officials which have not their skin in the business, is of less quality. This is an experience at any period and any country. To presume, “unregulated” services would be a higher risk for the patient/customer, is an unutterable nonsense. The contrary is correct. The contrary is correct as we see here in Spain where we have not only a better quality of results but also an unlimited and not restricted accessibility at any time without any “waiting list” (what a horrible word) of services to any patient who can afford. The NHS – solution in UK can verily not be an example which should be promoted for other countries.
    Nevertheless, better such a solution that none. Stopping the treatment because of organizational failure in UK means, to waive a child and the personal fulfillment of the affected couples. Because usually the ticking biological clock in the females side will create other, much more serious problems than the stupid simple provision of a semen bank to the own population in 2014.

    • I think you have misunderstood this post. In the UK, when we talk about unregulated services in relation to donor sperm we are not talking about reputable overseas clinics but about online services which operate in grey areas of the law and where the sperm offered is not screened for infection and where many men only offer their sperm in exchange for “natural” conception. This is what is referred to as unsafe and within the UK this is understood.
      I am also sad to hear you feel our national sperm bank is “stupid”. It is a shame to hear this kind of comment from an overseas clinic.

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