SPECIAL OFFER ON “PRECIOUS BABIES: PREGNANCY, BIRTH AND PARENTING AFTER INFERTILITY”  I spoke about this at a conference on Friday, and there’s a special offer from the publisher on the book to mark that – if you call 01832 737525 during office hours and quote offer reference PIA 204 you will be able to get a copy of this book for just £10 with free postage and packing! 

You’ll find links to all my books on this page.

The Complete Guide to IVF is for anyone who is having fertility treatment and goes behind the scenes at fertility clinics to give a patient perspective on IVF.

The Complete Guide to Female Fertility is the book for anyone who is wondering how late they can leave it to have a baby and gives all the information you’ll need when you’re right at the start of the path through tests and treatment.

Precious Babies is the book for those who’ve had successful treatment or have got pregnant naturally after fertility problems.  It looks at pregnancy, birth and parenting after infertility.

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