The things you wish people wouldn’t say…

Following on from my last post about people telling you to “just relax and forget all about it” in order to get pregnant, I thought I’d list of some of the most annoying things people say when you’re trying to get pregnant .  If you’re reading this and you have a friend with fertility problems, take note!

  • Just relax and forget all about it has to be number one – we’ve all heard it SO many times..
  • Have you thought about adopting?
  • You could always get a dog 
  • Maybe you have to accept that some people just aren’t meant to have children
  • Of course, personally I don’t agree with IVF
  • Why don’t you try going on holiday and forgetting all about it?
  • Are you sure you really want children anyway?
  • You don’t know how lucky you are, being able to go out whenever you like 
  • Have you tried eating more/less… (add here any selection of fruit/veg/vaguely edible substances)
  • A friend of a friend decided to adopt and got pregnant the next week/month/year – everyone seems to know this person…
  • We were lucky – I only had to look at him/her and we got pregnant
  • Infertility is the nature’s way of dealing with overpopulation
I know I’m going to think of half a dozen more the moment I post this, but do please do add some of the things that you really wish people wouldn’t say too…

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