Support groups

I’m a great fan of fertility support groups.  I know the idea can seem a bit daunting, I know you may be thinking you’re simply not the type to go to a support group – but in my experience, most people who pluck up the courage to go along to one find it helpful and most end up coming back again.

There’s nothing like the feeling of being in a whole roomful of others who know exactly how it feels to be trying unsuccessfully to conceive, who you know aren’t going to ask you those painful questions about when you’re going to get round to having a baby and who you can even laugh with about some of the experiences you’ve shared along the way.  People are forever telling me that online support has completely taken over from the traditional support group – but I’m far from convinced.  When you’re talking to people online you have no idea who they are, and although it can be helpful, it’s never quite the same as sharing the same space with someone else.

I was delighted when I heard from Charlotte that she was keen to set up a new support group in Reading, and she’s now set dates for her first two meetings on September 10 and November 12.  All it needs is one dedicated person like Charlotte to make a huge difference to the lives of dozens of others and to help provide the kind of support that can be most helpful.  If you want to find out more about Charlotte’s group, you can find details here and details of other support groups across the country are listed on the Fertility Matters events page.  You may think it’s not for you – but why not give a support group a try – it may be just what you need and it’s certainly not a decision you will regret.

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