Could a fertility group help you?

images-2I’m off to run the Central London get-together for Infertility Network UK tonight (and it’s not too late to come along – you can just email me at for details if you’d like to join us), and it made me think about how helpful it can be to meet up with others who really understand what you are going through and to share experiences.

We tend to call the meetings “support groups” which I think is slightly off-putting, and conjures up images of a rather depressing event. In fact, our groups are far from depressing, and there’s usually far more laughter than tears. It is always rewarding to see people leaving some of their anxieties behind after a meeting and gaining emotional strength from being together.

How fertility support groups can help

I wrote an article recently for Fertility Road magazine about this subject, looking at how groups can be beneficial.  So often in our groups, people end up taking email addresses and keeping in touch with one another in between meetings. They build up a network or real friends rather than online ones who are there for them during the ups and downs, and that is invaluable. It really can help you to get through the emotional ups and downs of tests and treatment more smoothly.

Infertility Network UK’s groups meet across the country and are free of charge – you can find details here – there’s nothing to lose by giving one a try!


One thought on “Could a fertility group help you?

  1. Of course it can help, generally everything that can make you lest stressed will help and besides you can hear a lot of good advice and meet people which had similar or almost the same problems as yours and this could be very helpful for you. Cheers!

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