Improvements to adoption process

We’re often told by less than sympathetic commentators that anyone with a fertility problem should just adopt rather than attempt treatment – but as those who have been through the adoption process will agree, it’s not the simple solution that many believe.  Adoption can be slow and frustrating for children who need families and for prospective parents, but today the government has announced plans aimed at improving the system. The plans intend to speed up the process, giving prospective parents more encouragement and allowing them to find out more about the children who need families.

The number of children needing adoptive families has risen hugely in recent years, but at any given time thousands of those who have been approved for adoption are stuck in the care system waiting for new families.

The changes to the system will allow those who’ve been approved as adoptive parents to look at the register of children waiting for families, and will give them the right to take time off work during the adoption process itself. The government has stressed that the system of checking out prospective parents before they are approved will remain robust and thorough. There will also be more support for adoptive parents as at present many of those who enquire about adopting don’t continue as they are put off by the long and at times frustrating process.

This can only be good news for anyone who has thought about adopting a child, and it will be interesting to see what difference these changes make once they are implemented.

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